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First-ever music video Generated by OpenAI’s Sora [Watch Now]

The First commercial use music video created by OpenAI’s new text-to-video generator, Sora.

First-ever music video Generated by OpenAI’s Sora: After OpenAI released the Sora text-to-video generator tool in February 2024, various AI-generated videos made by Sora began circulating on social media platforms like Twitter.

Sora AI is a powerful text-to-video generator tool that can produce realistic, high-resolution video clips up to 1 minute long from text instruction. However, the public release of the model is yet to be done by OpenAI. (Sora AI Release Date)

Official Music Video Created by Sora AI

OpenAI introduced Sora to the world by posting a few videos generated using the platform. Currently, access to Sora AI is restricted and limited to OpenAI’s Red Team members and specifically invited individuals. Many users who have access to Sora AI, generate different videos and posting on social media for testing or fun. But Now LA-based director Paul Trillo has used the AI platform for its first official music video commission. This is the first commercial use of OpenAI’s new text-to-video generator, Sora.

The footage is said to realize an idea that Trillo had been mulling for 10 years, a kind of improved version of a 3D-animated music video for the song The Great Divide by The Shins from 3 years ago.

The first official commissioned music video made with

@OpenAI Sora for

@realwashedout This was an idea I had almost 10 years ago and then abandoned. Finally was able to bring it to life. Watch the full video here

Paul Trillo

The four-minute video shapes up as a series of fly-through scenes made up of 55 Sora clips generated from text inputs and stitched together in Adobe Premiere Pro software while undertaking only “very minor touch-ups.”

The young AI-generated characters and locations are only onscreen for fleeting moments, and it’s not clear whether such things as odd body angles, alien heads, weird jerky movement, and apparent camera trickery are part of the intended look or merely rendering errors. Either way, it’s a cool video for a cool tune.

Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds
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