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MidJourney Promo Code June 2024 [100% Verified Deals]

Latest Midjourney Promo Code May 2024 to Get Extra discount on Premium plans.

MidJourney Promo Code [Updated June 2024] Are you looking for the Latest & Active MidJourney Promo Codes to get an extra discount on the MidJourney paid subscription plan? If Yes! then you have landed at the right place.

Currently, there are no Promotional codes available for Midjourney. But I have a few tricks to share with you that give you extra discounts and even a free subscription. If you’re interested then let’s start this article.

Active MidJourney Promo Code June 2024

Midjourney is a Text to Image generator AI tool. It can create images straight out of your imagination within a matter of minutes. Without having any artistic or graphics design skills, now you can create different types of images by describing an image in text format.

Midjourney is a premium generative AI tool to convert text prompts into images. The basic plan of this tool starts from $10 per month. But by using the Active promo code, you’ll get extra discounts.

MidJourney 20% Discount Promo Code

Midjourney has four subscription tiers. Get a 20% instant discount on all Midjourney Subscription Plans on Buying Annual Plan. No Promo Code is required for that.

Use Midjourney Alternatives

You can generate unlimited ultra-realistic Images with text prompts without paying a single penny using Fooocus by Github. The process could be a little bit tricky but the result will be amazing. This works even offline If you download the source file. Let’s try Online first.

1. Visit the link first.

2. Click on the “Play” button and Click on “Run Anyway” on the popup.

3. Now wait a few seconds to complete the process. Once it is done. Scroll down below and click on any of the two links below.

4. Once the Fooocus 2.3.1 Link is open. Write the Prompt properly (You can ask ChatGPT to write a prompt for you) and Click on the “Generate” button.

5. It’ll take a few seconds to Generate the Image. To download the image, Click on it and then click on the Download Button on the right top.

Many more features are available on this tool to create more detailed images for free.

Midjourney Free Trial (Discontinued)

The Midjourney free trial offers 25 free image generation. You need to have a credit card to active free trial to activate this free trial. No Promo Code is required for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a promo code for Midjourney?

Login to Midjourney> Choose Plan> Click on Apply Promo Code and Enter Code> Apply Code.

is Midjourney free now?

No. Midjourney is not free now. The paid plan starts from $10 per month.

What are Midjourney free alternatives without login?

Fooocus is the best free alternative to Midjourney.

Is there a Midjourney free trial?

No. Currently, Free trials are not available at this time.


In conclusion, We try to share detailed information on saving money on Midjourney Premium plans using promo codes, Free trials, and free alternatives that work amazingly without any limit. No matter which option you use, we aim to give you valuable information that best suits your needs. Happy saving and happy exploring!

If you found this information helpful don’t forget to share it with others. Thanks for visiting TheAIMaster.Net, See you soon with amazing AI-related information.

Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds is an AI enthusiast and technology aficionado with a passion for exploring the frontiers of artificial intelligence. With a background in engineering and a deep curiosity for the inner workings of AI systems, Alex delves into the complexities of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and their impact on society.


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